It is official: we WILL defend last year’s victory at Barcolana!

After the cancellation of most regattas in the Mediterranean and the unpredictable epidemiological situation that causes problems for sailing event organizers, the EWOL Sailing Team with open arms seized the opportunity to participate in some regattas, which will take place in September and October. In the multinational team, despite many restrictions, we decided to participate in the Croatian Fiumanka regatta (September 26), Barcolana (October 11), Venice Hospitality Challenge (October 17) and Veleziana (October 18). Due to the epidemic, we have obtained all the permissions of Slovenian, Croatian and Italian institutions, but there will be big changes in correlation to the accompanying events – the team will have no contact with event visitors or only under strict security conditions. According to the Barcolana officials, where the Way of Life will defend last year’s resounding victory, this largest sailing event in the world is expected to be attended by over 1,000 boats. The EWOL Sailing Team used the last period for training in the Slovenian sea and for optimizing an extremely demanding yacht (in all four regattas we will compete with a larger, 27-meter yacht), and many top young athletes were given the opportunity to gain experience.