The EWOL project, whose ambassador is the impressive Way of Life (former Maxi Jena) yacht, started more than 15 years ago from a visionary idea of the famous Slovenian nautical architect, Mr. Andrej Justin. Namely, he designed a world’s biggest carbon based sailing yacht, manufactured by the vacuum infusion technology and aiming to take high performance sailing to the next level.


Although being of the best sailing yachts, sports results have never been the only imperative within the project. The yacht itself is acting as a symbol of cross-border cooperation, joining on board the best sailors from different European countries. Over the years, project’s message of technological excellence, team spirit and cooperation gained support from the renowned diplomats, official suppliers and business partners.


We are committed to further investments in the yacht as well establishing a variety of programs for the sponsors and partners! Therefore, creating a significant add-on value for all the participants within the project.


From September 2018, the EWOL project strives towards empowering business, technological, environmental and sports related initiatives. As such, it acts as a R&D platform for innovations and a global symbol of excellence.


Way of Life is a 24-meters long racing sailing yacht designed by famous Slovenian nautical architect, Mr. Andrej Justin. Way of Life is being built by using innovative construction techniques and high quality materials. She is one of technologically most advanced sailing yachts in the world, achieving outstanding results at the most demanding European regattas. Her maximum speed is over 30 knots.


Total length

23.99 m

Water length

21.37 m


5.0 m


4.5 m


15,760 kg

Mast height

36.0 m

Main sail surface

207 m2

Front sail surface

199 m2

Gennaker sail surface

650 m2

Maximum speed

30+ knots

Sailing class



The EWOL Sailing Team is composed of Slovenian, Croatian and Italian outstanding sailors. They have an impressive record of sailing achievements, both in Olympic class sailing and big racing/cruising yachts. Occasionally, the team is accompanied by famous sportsmen/sportswomen from different sporting backgrounds, who want to use his/her skills in sailing.